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Artistic creativity of book covers

A book is a whole body with vitality. Its design does not rely solely on the designer to make the surface makeup, but the cover design is of great importance. It is unified and inseparable from the spine and back cover design.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”8723″ img_size=”full”][vc_column_text]

After determining the common sense information of book design such as format, content, and page number, the quality of the cover design depends on whether the layout is reasonable and creative, and whether the design concept meets and reflects the style and positioning of the entire book. This requires designers to have a wealth of cultural and artistic literacy and achieve creativity through technology.

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In the design, the theme of the book is clearly communicated, each element is reasonably arranged with priority, strength and weakness, and the picture is arranged according to the relationship between the primary and secondary. Book is a kind of cultural consumption. It focuses on the inheritance and extension of book culture. The arrangement and application of each element in design also need to have design ideas.

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The arrangement of pictures and texts is clear. Although the graphics are simple, they must be interesting, or add some interesting details, so that it can better reflect the designer’s aesthetic taste. For example: pay more attention to change and innovation in color selection and matching, printing process, and graphic design

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The concept of book morphology with innovative consciousness, its layout and form have changed from three-dimensional, dynamic, and comprehensive directions in the past to the three-dimensional, dynamic, and comprehensive direction, forming a new context for book design.

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The blank space in the book cover design can give people room for thinking. Text is an indispensable part of the book cover design, but the layout design is full of small and large text and titles. Although it can clearly convey the content of the book to people, it also loses the interest and meaning of the design itself, and it is even more dull. . Leaving blanks and realities can give people visual beauty and leave space for readers to think and buffer.

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Highlight the form of cover design, shape and display the theme through novel forms, giving people a new visual experience. However, the expression of the content cannot be ignored for the sake of form, and blindly putting together and combining current popular elements is actually an empty and meaningless design.

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Each element has its meaning of existence, and the composition of points, lines, and planes has its principle of arrangement, and attention should be paid to the contrast between different elements. If the contrast between the elements is small, the change will be less and less obvious, and the visual impact will be weak; if the contrast is large, it will have tension and the visual impact will be strong.

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Find the most suitable color according to the content and positioning of the book. At the same time, the color is also a reflection of emotion. In addition, the cover illustration also plays an important role. Good illustrations can add a lot of highlights to the book cover design, making the cover more lively. It has the same important role as text, and even more important than text.

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The cover illustration is independent, but also serves the book. It belongs to the theme of the book, so it is also an auxiliary to deepen the reader’s understanding of the book content. It presents the main content of the book to the reader in the same direct expression as the text. Visualize the theme and add fresh visual experience.

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The book cover cannot be separated from the text. The layout of the book title, the combination of the fonts, or the introduction of the text content on the cover and back cover must fully consider the integrity of the text layout. Text can represent a language, and it can also become a graphic art. Different types of books are suitable for using different fonts. Simply stacking some fonts on the cover only serves to convey information without any artistic sense.

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The font selection should consider whether it is suitable for the content and style of the book. It is especially important for the selection of fonts. Song font and bold font are the most common fonts in the font library. Most design fonts are deformed and reconstructed on the basis of them. New form. In the processing of text, its thickness and arrangement changes can bring a sense of decoration, form a sense of rhythm and contrast, and subtle changes in details are also conducive to breaking the monotonous feeling in the layout.

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Modern font design is no longer at the stage of completely flat coating or other single expressions. Young consumers like rich visual effects. In their view, the “cool” of font design is not only colorful, but also rich. The visual texture effect can even touch the font by hand.

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In ancient times, people used bamboo ropes to connect bamboo and wooden slips to form a bamboo slip, which was the book at that time. Bamboo slip was the earliest and most complete book form in my country, and it was also the carrier of ancient book culture in my country. In the design of modern books, some designers have adopted a relatively primitive book form to pursue the return of form, which reflects the simple and deep design style, and brings true texture and touch to the book design.

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Of course, as long as there is a good idea, the form of material selection is just a way to add to the appearance of the book. New ideas and flexible book design methods can continuously inject fresh visual experience into the book.


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