Book printing size
Many designers often think that the size of books is the same as our common A3, A4, A5 sizes, but in fact this size is only suitable for a small amount of digital printing in graphic shops, and really large printing equipment needs to consider the equipment The largest format and the bite size factor, so the printing size of books, magazines and albums will be different from our common printing paper size.
A3 size book printing size: 420mm*285mm
A4 size book printing size: 210mm*285mm
A5 size book printing size: 210mm*140mm
A6 size book printing size: 140mm*100mm
The above are the commonly used sizes for book printing. Typesetting according to this size makes printing cheaper. The reason is that imposition printing is performed according to the format of the printing machine and paper, saving paper and saving time, of course, saving costs. If you need some special designs, it is best to communicate with the staff of the printing plant, and they will also advise you on how to print to save costs.