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YBJ Printing Factory have more than 24+ years of experience in the printing industry. The factories are located in Guangzhou and Foshan in china. It is currently a large-scale comprehensive printing factory in China and a government-designated purchasing unit.
YBJ is one of the best China Book Printing Factory providing Full Offset Printing Services of paper products such as : Children Board Books, Children’s Books printing, Soft Cover Books, Hard Cover Books, Magazines, Novels, Game Box Sets, Commercial Catalogs, Comic Book, Text Book printing, Agenda Notebook, Wire-O Books, Calendars, Cards ,Calendars etc. in very good quality, cheap price and fast delivery time.

Children’s books include children’s story books, children’s activity books, children’s coloring books, baby memory books, baby bath books etc. The best children’s books offer readers enjoyment as well as memorable characters and situations and valuable insights into the human condition.

A hardcover book printing or hardback book printing (also known as hardbound, and sometimes as case-bound) is one bound with rigid protective covers (typically of Binder’s board or heavy paperboard covered with buckram or other cloth, heavy paper, or occasionally leather). It has a flexible, sewn spine which allows the book to lie flat on a surface when opened.
A paperback book printing, also known as a softcover book printing or softback book printing, is a type of book characterized by a thick paper or paperboard cover, and often held together with glue rather than stitches or staples. In contrast, hardcover or hardback books are bound with cardboard covered with cloth.
If your children’s book has few words and illustrations to get the point across to our new little learners, the best binding method is Children board book printing. The little hands of a child sometimes have tribulations turning a thinner paper stock. Using board book printing the thick pages make it easier to turn the pages, along with the tearing issue that can arise.
A magazine is a publication, usually a journal publication, which is usually published regularly and contains a variety of content. We specialize in printing magazines, fast printing, and low price shipping.YBJ uses vegetable and soy-based inks with lower levels of VOCs than tra­ditional petroleum-based inks to reduce harmful carbon emissions. This helps protect both our employees and the environment.

In marketing, booklet printing can be a powerful tool. These are used by businesses from all over the world to serve a variety of purposes. One can be attached in a newsletter, brochure, magazine, or catalog. In some cases, booklets are standalone marketing products in itself.The most effective type of booklet is one that is customized to fit your branding requirements. It is also important to consider what type of business or industry you are in.

A book of paper for writing that is held together by a wire that curves around and around through small holes at the edge of the paper; Spiral book also be called as spiral bound book, coil bound book, or wire-O book.

Since 1998, YBJ Printing has printed high-quality magazine printing , accounted 50000 square meters and equipped with advanced machines, makes us can offer reasonable and competitive pricing. More importantly, our experienced and professional staff are all ready to provide hands-on management and superior customer .
Create bespoke notebooks and journals for your business and brand.YBJ Printing has printed high-quality notebooks printing.We are the professional overseas China NoteBooks printer; our production turn around is about 7 days to 15 days (depending on quantity ).

YBJ Book Printing Deliver Quality Book Printing At An Affordable Price

we are also a cross-border e-commerce company specializing in US various printed products on e-commerce platforms such as mid-to-high-end business printing and graphic design. It sells Amazon, Xiaopi, and Alibaba, and will establish overseas independence Station, dedicated to providing global consumers with a one-stop solution from design and plate making to post-printing and processing for global consumers.

How to get a quote?

Here at YBJ China book printing companies, we provide customized quotation of pre-press→production→shipping costs→estimated turnaround time as well as relevant suggestions based on the specifications you require. 

If the specifications and the price appeal to you and you wish to consider taking the next step, we will then send you a “white dummy” sample of the your product using the materials and methods specified, quality samples of our work and references.So Choose YBJ China Book Printing,Choose no Worry.

offer one-stop solution service

If the specifications and the price appeal to you and you wish to consider taking the next step, we will then send you a “white dummy” sample of the your product using the materials and methods specified, quality samples of our work and references.

Printing Process

Once you have provided us with your layouts, our production staff will review the files carefully for any potential problems, such as bleeds, overprints, registration and modes.
Book Printing Factory Production
Our Quality Control manager will check the paper and color quality and consistency, registration, trimmings, crossovers as well as 50 other critical attributes. Throughout the whole process, you will continuously be updated on the status of your project.
Quality Inspection
Photos of the secure packed cartons ready to exit the factory will be sent to you by email to assure you the job has been fully completed and properly secured for shipping. Printed, finished and packed product samples will be sent by FedEx for your final inspection before shipping. Nothing leaves the factory until we have your satisfactory approval.

Why choose us ?

We Deliver Quality Printing At An Affordable Price
YBJ book printing companies is committed to producing top quality books in its own print factory which above 50000 square meters. Every book we make in our facility meets digital printing’s highest standards, be it short run book printing, Print On Demand, or offset printing. Only the best book printers in the marketplace can achieve this, so you can trust your book is consistently created with the utmost care, from your first proof to the final print.
You’re backed by the strongest book printing services team in the industry
Working with YBJ china book printing companies means you have an entire team of book specialists including designers, file prep pros, and printing craftsmen focusing on creating beautiful custom books. Help is always available! Your assigned specialist will be right beside you through the entire process, from advising you on trim sizes and book binding recommendations, to troubleshooting manuscript file issues. We’ll safeguard your files to catch any file mistakes before your project heads to the presses.

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YBJ respects your privacy and does not sell, rent, or trade with third parties any information you provide.
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