Exercise Book Printing

Our exercise books printing options include all the expected sizes, stocks, and binding, but they also come with an exciting selection of customization to better suit them to your specific needs.Custom exercise books remind users of your brand each time they are used.
Custom printed exercise books with company logos are a popular conference giveaway. Unique sizing and premium cover stocks help notebook giveaways stand out at trade shows. And unlike other giveaways, customers are far more likely to use this one and therefore come in contact with your brand — over and over again.

YBJ Printing Advantage:

Exercise Book Printing

Spiral Binding Student Exercise Book Printing

Spiral Binding Student Exercise Book Printing  For spiral binding, pages are trimmed and assembled, holes are punched along one side of the pages, and a metal spiral is threaded through those holes. Spiral binding lays completely flat, easy to flip, is welcomed by many students.

Saddle Stitching Student Exercise Book Printing

For some exercise book or notebook that might have short-term use (or those with a small number of pages), saddle stitch binding is an excellent alternative. Once notebook pages are printed and folded as the signatures, then be gathered and organized, they are stacked and stitched together using metal staples. Stitching can be done with or without a book cover.

Book Printing Factory

Are you looking for book printing manufacture to custom Saddle Stitching book ? Then we are your perfect choice to have low cost Saddle Stitching printing .We have Full Automatic Saddle Stitching Binding Machine And High Speed Printing Machine to low down the Saddle Stitching printing cost , High-quality Saddle Stitching books made in China.

China book printing factory

Soy-Based Inks

YBJ uses vegetable and soy-based inks with lower levels of VOCs than tra­ditional petroleum-based inks to reduce harmful carbon emissions. This helps protect both our employees and the environment.

Recycled and Ecological Paper Types

The paper and inks we use for Saddle Stitching  book printing all are environmentally friendly materials, that will not harm people.We focus on every details, such as round corner, spine, not hurt people etc.

China book printing factory

Bible Book Printing Production Time:

We are the professional overseas China book printer; our production turn around is about 7 days to 15 days (depending on quantity ).

Bible Book Printing MOQ:

The questions that most people ask, is there a minimum for book printing; yes. Depending on where you would be shipping your books, size of books and number of pages for your book. But We support small qty customer and like to grow together with you .

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