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Hardcover Book Printing

Exquisite, unique, and customized hardcover books are undoubtedly the best representation of your identity as an author, as well as your values and personal style.

We are committed to producing beautifully crafted and high-quality hardcover books for visionary self-publishers, speakers, entrepreneurs, and businesses.  Hardcover books provide a stronger sense of quality and can enhance the image and appeal of a work, especially for those that rely on visual presentation.
With over 20 years of successful industry experience, a professional team, cutting-edge technology, and excellent customer service, we maintain a first-class reputation for mature self-publishers and independent creators worldwide, demonstrating our dedication and commitment to delivering high-quality products.
We strive to establish good relationships with publishers and negotiate contracts to secure distribution rights for hardcover books, giving authors more options.  Hardcover books typically convey a sense of high quality and taste.  For books that require a strong image, such as promotional materials, graphic novels, and memoirs, using hardcover books can attract readers’ attention and enhance brand image.
hardcover book printing
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Why choose YBJ for printing books?

Publishers of advanced printing

We use high-quality paper and ink, as well as advanced printing equipment, to produce high-quality and delicate images and text, ensuring the quality and durability of the printed products.

Personalized design and production

We can provide personalized design and production according to the customer's requirements, ensuring that the printed products meet their needs.

Competitive pricing

We offer competitive pricing to ensure that customers can obtain good cost-effectiveness while obtaining high-quality printed products.

Sustainable printing

We are committed to using sustainable printing methods, including using environmentally friendly ink and paper and minimizing the impact of the printing process on the environment.

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-As a hardcover book production factory, we promise to provide affordable and quality-assured products. We understand that price is one of the important factors that many customers consider when choosing a supplier. Therefore, we have been committed to controlling costs, adopting efficient production processes and technologies to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Based on this, we can offer customers more favorable prices while ensuring that product quality is not compromised.

-Our factory has advanced equipment and a professional team that can meet customers’ various needs for hardcover books, from custom sizes to printing options, from inner page paper to cover materials. We can customize them according to customer requirements. At the same time, we also provide a rich selection, which can be selected according to the customer’s budget and needs, such as different paper, binding, and printing options, to achieve the desired effect.

-We firmly believe that our price advantage and quality assurance can win customers’ trust and satisfaction. Whether you are a self-publisher, speaker, entrepreneur, or business, we will serve you wholeheartedly and create high-quality hardcover book products for you.

If you have any questions, please contact us, our sales colleagues are engaged in more than 10 years of printing industry experience, please believe in our profession


Surface Finishing

Binding Style

Hardcover Book Printing With YBJ Book Printing Factory

As an original professional customized hardcover book printing manufacture, if you have any hardcover books need to print, we will be your good partner with good quality to you. We specialize in printing all kinds of hardcover book, with professional printing services on hardcover book,Our hardcover book printing prices is very good, welcome to contact us to custom your hardcover book printing

Hardcover book
Hardcover printing

Hardcover Binding Advantage

The biggest advantage of a hardcover book is that the sheath is firm, which protects the inner pages and makes the book durable. The inner pages of the hardcover book are the same as the paperback, mostly with lock stitches, and a cloth strip should be pasted on the spine for more firm connection and protection. The cover material is thick and hard. The cover and back cover are respectively attached to the first and last pages of the book. The spine of the cover and the spine of the book are mostly non-sticky, so that the inner pages are not always affected when flipping, and it is more flexible.

Hardcover Book Printing Factory

Are you looking for book printing manufacture to custom hardcover book ? Then we are your perfect choice to have low cost hardcover printing .We have Full Automatic Hardcover Binding Machine And High Speed Printing Machine to low down the Hardcover printing cost , High-quality hardcover books made in China.

Book Printing Experts - High Quality Printing

Children Hardcover Book

High-quality Hardcover Book Printing

At YBJ Printing, we are committed to provide you with state of the art book printing quality that is second to none. Over all these years, we have printed an endless number of some of the most extraordinary and incredibly beautiful books for our clients in China, US and all over the world. With us you can always be assured of 100% satisfaction, each time you get your books printed from us.


Hardcover Book Printing

A5 size for novel book, inner pages: 80gsm wooden free paper ,cover:200 gsm to 350gsm art paper ,Finish:Cover Glossy /Matt Lamination

Hardcover Binding Cookbook

Cover: 200-250gsm,inner:60-140gsm offset paper.1 color or 4 color Printing.Cover Finish: Glossy or Matt
Children Hardcover Book

Hardcover Binding Story Book printing

Size:A4 /A5 standard,Printing: 1 C or 4C, Paper: Art paper,Matt Paper,Offset Paper.Binding: Hardcover Binding /Sew Binding

noot book

Hardcover Notebook Printing

Cover: 250-350gsm art paper,Inner :105-157gsm art paper CMYK Printing.Finish: Glossy or Matt Lamination
children book

Hardcover Textbook Printing

Cover: 250-350gsm art paper,Inner :105-157gsm art paper CMYK Printing.Finish: Glossy or Matt Lamination
high-quality environmental protection picture albums

Hardcover Photo Book Printing

Cover: 200-250gsm,inner:60-140gsm offset paper.1 color or 4 color Printing.Cover Finish: Glossy or Matt

Hardcover Books Production Time:

We are the professional overseas China Hardcover book printer; our production turn around is about 7 days to 15 days (depending on quantity ).

Hardcover Books MOQ:

The questions that most people ask, is there a minimum for Hardcover book printing; yes. Depending on where you would be shipping your board books, size of Hardcover books and number of pages for your Hardcover book. But We support small qty customer and like to grow together with you .

Hardcover book printing in China is the economical way for producing your children’s best board book. You can see EXTREME cost savings while having the superior print and binding quality.

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