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Product album design and typesetting skills

Product album design and typesetting skills

Product album design and typesetting skills

Product album design and typesetting skills

As one of the most commonly used publicity tools, product albums have been recognized and praised by many companies in the advertising market in recent years. Many companies or businesses have obtained very good marketing promotion through product catalogs. Professional product album design requires a comprehensive design. Product album layout is a very important part of product album design. So, what are the practical operating skills in the process of product album design and layout? Product album design and layout requires more skills, which can greatly improve the quality of product album design and reflect better design effects. First of all, we must clarify the various methods and approaches in the layout design of the single-page design of the brochure: text as a visual image element, it must first be readable; graphics are a way of visually disseminating information, concepts and ideas with images and colors. The visual language for communicating ideas is a common visual symbol for humans.
How to highlight themes in the inside pages of the picture album.
The richness of the layout changes of the inner pages of the picture album is a symbol of the vividness of the picture album. How to enrich the layout is something that the designer must do very hard, and this richness is not only reflected in the play skills In fact, it is more in line with human visual experience and visual process. A good picture album layout should be like this: first tell everyone what kind of theme it is, then what kind of color tone is used to fit the theme, and then the richness of details, such as the arrangement of text, the assistance of pictures, and finally When playing tricks, what kind of style to use to make the theme more prominent, what kind of auxiliary pattern to use to make the picture fuller without grabbing the theme in the text, plus a suitable header and footer, so that the whole The picture, that is, the layout of the entire album to convey the meaning of the content uniformly, telling everyone clearly what kind of album it is for.

   Picture album design layout-text layout skills

The word wrap is exquisite. In the formatted document of the picture album, how to make the readers have a more visually pleasant enjoyment mainly depends on the following design techniques:

Under normal circumstances, the document layout of the album will be divided into the theme, subtitle, theme decoration English, author (as the case may be), and body paragraphs. There are usually several commonalities that can make the reader feel comfortable. First, the theme is prominent, the visual center is stable, there is no more eye-catching, the theme is unique. Second, the text distribution is reasonable, one line is one line, one paragraph is one paragraph, and lines and paragraphs are not inseparable.

How to make the theme stand out has been mentioned in the previous articles, and I will repeat it here again. There are several ways to highlight the theme. Among them, the font size is increased and bold, and the text in the entire screen is increased. The font size is the largest, and it is much larger than the second largest font size, so that you can keep the distance, remember not to be stingy, so that the first largest font size and the second largest font size are not much different, which will only make the theme very blurred And confusion. There are also accentuation or brighter colors. The heavier the color, the more prominent the characters, such as black, dark blue, deep red and other dark colors. This is also the same, the darkest color should be distinguished from the lighter color, and the gap should be widened. The combination of the above two methods can make the theme very prominent.



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