What is the three-dimensional hot stamping process for book printing?

What is the three-dimensional hot stamping process for book printing?

What is the three-dimensional hot stamping process? The three-dimensional hot stamping process is a modern new printing technology. As the name suggests, it has more three-dimensional characteristics than the hot stamping process. So, do you know the knowledge of this process technology?
Temperature, pressure and speed are the three major elements of hot stamping technology. Only by controlling the relationship between the three can the quality of stamping be controlled. The same is true for three-dimensional stamping. Since three-dimensional hot stamping is a one-time completion of hot stamping and embossing, the temperature requirements are even higher. The ordinary hot stamping temperature only needs to be 70℃~90℃, while the three-dimensional hot stamping can only be completed at about 150℃. If the temperature is too low, the adhesive layer and the peeling layer of the anodized aluminum may not be fully melted, and the anodized aluminum foil cannot be completely transferred during hot stamping, resulting in hot stamping failure or exposure of the bottom. However, if the temperature is too high, the paper will be excessively deformed, the graphics and text will be blurred, the handwriting will be illegible, and even the color of the anodized aluminum will appear. At the same time, the hot stamping plate may expand too much due to the high temperature, and it will not be accurate. Die fit, resulting in poor hot stamping. Therefore, temperature control is the first of the three elements
Hot stamping pressure refers to the pressure on the hot stamping plate at the moment of hot stamping. In the hot stamping process, the melted anodized aluminum adhesive layer is transferred by pressure, so the size and uniformity of the pressure directly affect the quality of hot stamping. In addition to the transfer of the electrochemical aluminum foil to the surface of the printed matter, the three-dimensional hot stamping requires huge pressure to press the three-dimensional embossed pattern on the hot stamping part. Therefore, the pressure is greater than ordinary hot stamping, which requires the strength of the hot stamping foil to be better. To be able to withstand the squeeze of strong pressure. Of course, this is not to say that the greater the pressure, the better, it must be appropriate. If the pressure is too high or too small, you will not get a beautiful pattern. Excessive pressure may crush the bronzing foil, and even crush the bottom mold and the printed matter to be hot; while the pressure is too small, it may cause incomplete transfer of the bronzing foil or failure of the hot stamping, making the three-dimensional relief of the embossed convexity not reachable Quality requirements. Therefore, pressure control is also critical.

The hot stamping speed is actually the contact time of the hot stamping object and the anodized aluminum, that is, the heating time of the anodized aluminum.

The hot stamping speed is fast, the heating time is short, the hot stamping temperature drops quickly, and the temperature is too low, and the hot stamping fastness will be affected; the hot stamping speed is slow, the heating time is long, the hot stamping temperature drops slowly, and the hot stamping fastness is good. However, if the control is not good, the hot stamping temperature will be too high. Therefore, an appropriate hot stamping speed is also a guarantee for high quality hot stamping effects.

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