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Pressure printing and non-pressure printing.

Pressure printing and non-pressure printing.

Pressure printing and non-pressure printing.

1.Contact imprint printing Contact imprint printing is a printing technology that uses a printing plate or other methods to transfer the graphic information on the attachment to the substrate on the basis of pressure . It uses printing ink or coloring pigments to reproduce images and text on the surface of paper or other materials through printing machinery and equipment . According to the printing process , the printing process usually includes five elements : accessories , printing plates , substrates , inks , and printing machinery . According to the form of printing plate , contact imprints / imprinted printing mainly to include four categories : letterpress , intaglio , lithography , and stencil printing . According to printing procedures , the above-mentioned multiple printing methods is different to/from direct printing and indirect printing . There are also different application areas . General customs in China is divided into news printing , publishing printing (including books and magazines ) , packaging and decoration printing , securities printing , stationery printing , and parts printing .

2 . Non-contact printing Non-contact printing , also known as pressureless printing , is a printing technology based on pressureless action . It is a new type of printing form that adopts the development of electronic computer output technology . It does not use traditional printing plates , but uses heat , static electricity , magnetism or inkjet technology under computer control to send toner or ink droplet’s to the surface of the substrate ; or make special paper colored to form clear graphics . Non-contact printing has the characteristics of reliable operation , no noise , small equipment , fast speed , convenient operation and wide application range . It is especially suitable for copying and outputting hard copies of information network systems in an office environment , providing a small number of various documents and materials . Pressureless printing includes laser (electrostatic ) printing , inkjet printing , thermal printing and magnetic printing . Among them , the first two are currently widely used pressureless printing methods .



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