What are the main factors affecting printing quality

What are the main factors affecting printing quality

Even so, it is unavoidable to have problems with printed matter. Sometimes, inadvertently, we will find vague words on the books, which is caused by improper printing. So, what are the main factors affecting printing quality?

The first reason is the printing equipment. Printing equipment is very important for printing quality. If there is a problem with a part of the equipment, it is easy to cause printing failure. For example: blocking version. Once the blockage occurs, the amount of ink transfer will decrease, which will cause the color of the printed product to change. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance and protection of the equipment.
The second reason is printed materials. Different printing materials will present different printing effects. Good quality printing materials are easy to print, and the writing and patterns are very clear. If you use poor quality printing materials, the poor printing effect is one aspect, and it is also easy to damage.
The third reason is the rationality of the plate design. When designing the printing plate, it is necessary to fully consider the influence of the printing plate design on the printing process and post-press processing. For example, the color of the jump zone of the dots is very easy to have levels and levels, so in order to avoid this, it is necessary to take changes in advance.
Finally, it has a direct relationship with the printing environment. If the room temperature of the printing workshop of Shenzhen Printing Company changes greatly, the flow state of the ink will also change greatly. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the temperature and humidity of the production workshop are controlled within a reasonable range.
Of course, in addition to the above factors, when the layout is subjected to irregular wind, the printing speed and drying speed will also change, resulting in changes in the color of the printed matter. Therefore, we know that many factors affect printing quality. Therefore, we must find a professional Shenzhen printing company to print to ensure the printing quality

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