3 books are printed in stages

3 books are printed in stages

1 . Pre-press → refers to the pre-printing work , generally refers to photography , design , production , typesette , output film proof , etc .

2 . Printing in → refers to the mid-printing work , the process of printing the finished product of the printing machine

3 . Post-press→refers to the post-printing work , generally refers to the post-processing of printed matter , including glue (laminating ) , UV , oil , beer , bronze , embossing , mounting , binding , cutting , etc , mostly used for publicity And packaging printed matter .

The production of printed matter generally goes through five processes , including the selection or design of the original manuscript , the production of the original plate , the printing of the printing plate , and the post-press processing . That is to say , first select or design the manuscript suitable for printing , and then process the graphic information about / on the manuscript to produce the original plate for printing or engraving (usually called positive or negative negative ) . The original plate is then used to make a printing plate for printing , and finally the printing plate is installed on the printing machine , and the ink is coated into / our of / from the surface of the printing plate by an inking system , and the ink is transferred from the printing plate to the substrate . , The large number of printed sheets copied in this way is processed after printing to become finished products suitable for various purposes . Nowadays , people often refer to the design of manuscripts , graphic information processing , and plate making as pre-press processing , and the process of transferring the ink on the printing plate to the substrate is called printing . The completion of such a printed matter requires pre-press processing , Printing , post-press processing and other processes .

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