What kind of paper do I need to use to make a book cover ?

What kind of paper do I need to use to make a book cover ?

 A book cover design is the key . A good cover design can increase the sales of a book by a big margin . Therefore , when publishing a book , you must be very serious about the cover . Selecting a good paper and printing has a very obvious effect on the cover design . Pay attention to the choice of book cover when publishing a book .

Printing common sense coated paper , also known as printing coated paper , is made by coating a layer of white paste on the base paper and calendering it . The paper has a smooth surface , high whiteness , low stretchability , and good ink absorption and acceptance . Mainly used for printing the covers and illustrations of high-end books and periodicals .

Double-sided coated paper with smooth and white surface , good glosses / glossed and high opacity , after color printing , the pattern effect is bright and the color gradation is good , and it is suitable for color printing . Suitable for general books , catalogs , calendars , posters , covers and other purposes . offset paper , also known as road forest paper , the surface is not coated into / our of / from slurry , and its gloss and smoothness are worse than that of coated paper . Mainly for offset (offset ) printing machines or other printing machines to print relatively high-level color prints , such as color pictorial inner pages , album inner pages , posters , advanced books , and book covers , inserts , etc .

offset paper has small stretchability , uniform ink absorption , good smoothness , tight and opaque texture , good whiteness , and strong water resistance .

Magazine paper (high white magazine ) papers / papered is light and thin , with bright surface gloss , high white paper color , . So it can show printing contrast and color vividness better than general yellowish paper , which is the best in China Thin-weight premium paper . Suitable for magazines , dm , books , weekly magazines , color manuals , mail-order color promotional materials .

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